Prepare for a war

Ok so maybe I am not going to war but anyone who had a puppy knows it is close enough. In week and a half I will have one dog after operation (that will most likely be on kennel rest), one brand new puppy and two adult dogs that also need my time and attention.

It’s always good to have a battle plan (and at the same time to be ready to led go of it as most plans don’t actually work). There are some things that I already can predict:

  • Sleep deprivation (initially new puppy will have to wake up few times a night to pee and poop which means I will have to wake up to take him out). My dogs will hopefully sleep during the night but that means they will be full of energy in the morning.
  • Loads of pee and poop to clean up, so I need to buy enough cleaning supplies (ones that do not have ammonia). Of course I will aim at taking the puppy out every time it wakes up, plays, eats and so on but accidents still happen. Nothing else to do but put more effort in and clean up. I personally never use any mats for the puppy as I prefer to teach them to eliminate outside from the day one.
  • Bored dogs, and that’s a disaster. I will have to plan everything in a way that I can do enough with each of them. The biggest problem is that Fenix will not be allowed to exercise and play, so I will have to devote a lot of time to keeping him busy.
  • Potentially conflict between the dogs. I will be introducing another dog into their home. In general they are accepting of puppies but every situation is a bit different. For example Fenix may be in pain after the operation which may change his attitude to a new dog. It is important to keep all of the dogs feeling happy and safe, this should minimise conflicts. For each dog it will mean something else. Salma for example is not a great fan of small dogs at home (or maybe any dogs actually) so she will need her space, I can prepare extra bed for her in another room.
  • Stuff getting destroyed; to be fair this shouldn’t even be here as it’s an obvious one. Some things will get destroyed but that just something that happens when you have puppies. I just turn my living room in a one big box of toys and most puppies don’t even get to chewing on something they shouldn’t because wherever they step there is a toy.
  • No social life for me 😉 Yep first few weeks of having a puppy for me means full time job, well 24/7 job actually. I will teach the puppy to stay alone but this has to be done gradually. And simply small puppies cannot hold their pee for a very long time so I have to be there to take them out. I see those first weeks as very important time when we have to invest in the future of the dog. Work we put in in those few weeks will pay off later. I think with Fenix it took around 4 weeks till he was able to sleep alone through the night, he had his last accident in the house at 3 months old and I was able to leave him in the house pretty fast. Still I did not push it and did not leave him for longer than necessary.

I will need to get all my dog toys ready, prepare a supply of frozen kongs and snacks to chew on so I can keep my dogs occupied while I’m busy with the puppy. I ordered some of that today so I will be here long before puppy arrives.


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