Thank you Kong

What is a better way to start writing than when something goes wrong.

I planned a quiet evening, time to do some writing but Fenix had different plans. We trained, we walked and still even though evenings are normally his quiet time (for which I worked my butt off) he would not settle. First attempts at writing this I did while he was throwing a ball over my head, then loosing it under the couch and trying to dig his way to it. Not the best conditions to think.I though let’s wait till he settles, and he would for few minutes and the party would start all over again. Yes I took the ball away, I separated him from other dogs so he cannot activate Chili. But something has been bothering him. Eventually I gave frozen Kong to all of the dogs, my moment of peace…

We can make plans, prepare and still from time to time it simply won’t work. I don’t have an ideal situation at the moment either. 9 months old high drive male that is not allowed more physical exercise than walking, and yes before anyone suggests mental stimulation of course we do that. Detection, obedience, interactive games but it only satisfies part of his needs. He is young and strong and wants to run, jump and play. And he gives 100% in everything he does, there is no half way. Add Chili to the mix who would like to play with him all the time (while they are not allowed due to his medical condition) and you have an explosive combination. Sometimes life is just difficult, but hey it’s all about keeping the positive attitude.


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