Meet Xande

What did I say about planing puppy’s arrival? Making sure everything is there before and all the sensible stuff. Well, so online pet store where I ordered extra toys, kongs and chew treats didn’t deliver (I just received a message that my parcel was returned and they will send me money back. I need the stuff I ordered not the money, thank you very much!). I also forgot to buy extra cleaning supplies (did a frantic supermarket run on a way to pick up the puppy).

But now he is with me and the adventure begins. We are slowly getting to know each other and he is a nice boy. He was a bit anxious in the beginning of our car drive but he quickly settled (Thank you Iris for being the driver!). Once we got home Xande immediately started exploring the house and the garden, he didn’t show any fear. I took time with him alone first but because he was coping very well I decided to introduce him to Salma. She doesn’t like crazy puppies (she only walks away) but she is very good with the young ones. They clicked immediately, she was very calm so he could approach her and sniff without feeling overwhelmed. He also met Fenix and Chili later (separately) but under my close supervision. Fenix is bit overly excited but nice ( I don’t want the puppy to have too intense experience on the first day) and Chili is a bit afraid of him. She could watch him from a distance and leave whenever she wanted. So we will take it slow. I am pleased that Xande showed very nice behaviour to all of the dogs and was confident. With Salma they even did a run in the garden together. He is not a first puppy I bring home to my dogs and I wouldn’t introduce a puppy on the first day in many situations. My decision was based on their previous behaviour around young puppies in the house plus Xande’s behaviour. If he was more stressed with the new situation I would wait longer. From my experience I see that most puppies that are stable welcome a presence of a dog in a new place, especially a calm dog like Salma.

Young puppies need to sleep a lot in order to assimilate all the learning their brains are busy with so soon after we arrived I took Xande to take a nap. I decided the most natural way will be to take a nap together and hopefully once I lay down he will get the message 😉 And he did.

Now it is time for a second nap and I set a puppy run in the living room just next to the couch. In this way Xande can be close to me and at the same time I can have all the dogs together and reinforce calm behaviour around each other.  Sounds of rats were waking him up so I found calming music on You Tube.

When we take a puppy home we need to realise that everything is new and potentially scary for them. In those first days it is important to invest in showing them that our home is safe. For the coming days I won’t do any specific training, no visits to new places, only settling him into the routine. Making sure he has enough time to rest. Of course house training and bite inhibition start immediately but there is no space or need for any pressure with puppy this young.

And now I take a moment to enjoy my coffee listening to a mixture of anti-anxiety music and snoring dogs.


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