Day 3

We are at the end of the day three with the puppy and as I write this I have all the dogs in the living room together each busy with their own thing. After the first day Chili warmed up to the puppy and started initiating play with him, Fenix got a bit longer to get used to the new family member but now they are playing together as well. I think it was most difficult for Fenix because he is the youngest, he loves to be in the centre of attention and with me as much as possible. He initially was very excited around the puppy so I kept their interactions short and positive. However, I had a feeling that more I separate them the longer this situation will be exciting for Fenix. That’s why today I invested a lot of time into boys getting along. And more time they spend together the more they like each other. In the morning already Chili, Fenix and Xande played tag of war together and it went well. They had a lot of fun. None of my dogs are resource guarding when it comes to toys (food also not but they don’t always appreciate when another dog tries to stick their nose into something they are eating) so I wasn’t worried that the game of tug will turn into something unsafe for the puppy. Both Fenix and Chili would hold a toy in front of Xande so he can grab it from them, they do like the tugging part not taking the toy away.  I like to see my dogs play with each other, I don’t limit it, I think it is a great way for them to create a bond plus it helps the puppy to learn to communicate with other dogs. Which he is already good at. But young puppies are always bit obnoxious, they need to learn to be polite and other dogs can really help with that. At the same time it is important to make sure that the puppy is not being bullied by an older dog and on the other hand that the older dog has a chance to rest from the puppy. Now Fenix and Xande are working together on destroying a big carton box I left for them 🙂

I took Xande for a first short walk today. Yesterday we went outside through the front door and since he was bit careful I decided to stay there and make sure he enjoys this first experience. Today I took Salma with us so she can show him that the outside world is not scary. She is perfect for puppies, she is calm and confident and I do see that dogs open up around her. She helped me a lot with Maddy from SIFD who used to be pretty shy. Initially Xande kept his body slightly lower and stopped every few meters to look around. I didn’t rush him puppies need time to look around and take in the information from the environment. As we were walking back his tail was up and he was exploring. He is at the age now when his brain is ready to learn about risks of the surrounding world (aka fear period) that’s why I want to be extra careful that he does not have negative experiences.

Overall I’m happy with the progress puppy is making and definitely with the fact that as I was writing this Salma and Chili were sleeping on the couch while Xande and Fenix were spending time together in a very calm way. My goal is to have the dogs being able to be together without me controlling their behaviour toward each other and it is working so far even though it has been only three days 🙂


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