Little terrorist

Xande got a new name, from now on at home he will be known as Beau. This name was chosen by his family; their son Jude likes to say “Bo” a lot and Xande is bit of a hard name to pronounce. I have to say I also prefer Beau, we did some recall training today and it works well.

Beau turned into a little terrorist today, trying to eat walls (yes they are toys everywhere), deciding that the best thing to do with a full water bowl is to carry it around the room, and causing chaos wherever he goes. That’s a puppy for you 😉 He still is an angel comparing to little Fenix but he is catching up. I like crazy puppies, I knew what I was getting myself into but I can definitely imagine that getting your first puppy might be a shock. Yeah they look cute but acting cute is something that stops as soon as they wake up. And still even after having many puppies at home he does surprise me sometimes. Today for example little danger mouse decided to steal a toy from Fenix and run with it head first under the couch. He got stuck, panicked and I learned I can lift my couch with two dogs on it with one hand. Once I got him out he went on to steal another toy. I’m lucky my dogs are crazy enough to enjoy his company.

Tonight we are working on sleeping in a crate which means I’m sleeping with three dogs on a couch 😉 He is already fast asleep actually so it is going great. Whenever he was tired today I would put him in the crate to practice before tonight.

And tomorrow we are off for a big adventure…


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