From little angel to Tasmanian devil

Ah sweet fluffy puppies…Well that’s what they are on pictures anyway 😉

Beau is starting to show some horns, definitely towards my dogs which are very patient with him but I can see they are getting tired. Of course I do not allow the puppy to bother them continuously. As I see it they have a right to feel good in their own home and if I bring a new dog in it is my job to make sure their welfare is not compromised. And Beau needs to learn that there are rules not be broken. It has nothing to do with punishing him for doing something I do not see as desirable but rather with environment management and most of all teaching him what is desirable in a very clear way. He is still a tiny puppy so I cannot expect him to behave like an adult dog. That would be unfair. But we can slowly and steadily show him how to behave around the house.

Yesterday we went for a socialization trip to the airport. He did very well again. First he observed everything from the buggy but soon decided he wants to explore on his own feet. He was very curious of everything around him, sniffing suitcases, approaching people, trying to eat the christmas tree. To give him a break I gave him ‘snuffel’ mat, where he could search for treats. He was still at the airport with all the stimuli but he could focus on his nose.

Today we will be working on teaching Beau to stay alone in his crate (we won’t actually get to him staying alone but introduce crate training). He already sleeps in his crate during the night and day but that’s different than being in it when I’m and the dogs are moving around. Or when I leave. And next to that we are starting with indicating articles with human scent because we have tracking training planned for next week.


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