Beau goes to school

When Beau goes to US his most important job will be to be a friend to a little boy named Judah (check for more information), so it is very important that he feels comfortable around children. To facilitate that I took him to my old high school to meet some kids. Prior to puppy’s arrival I spoke to the headmaster  Mr. Jones and got a permission to bring Beau to meet the children from the primary school. We agreed that first I will come in by myself and explain a bit about why Beau is going to the US, and also talk to the children about behaviour around dogs, and what they can expect from the puppy. However, before all of that I wanted to see how Beau will react to the school in general, and I think it’s better to test it first with older (more inhibited 😉 ) children/ young adults. Well what can I say from the moment we walked in he was a rock star. He definitely made a lot of new friends and was received with huge enthusiasm from both students and the employers. He walked in like he owned the place, and I spend most of the time trying not to loose him as he was on a constant exploration quest. We will come again for a another socialization trip especially since we missed Mr. Jones this time.

During the weekend I walked Beau with Salma more. I want him to have off leash walks in the forest (to have fun but also so we can practice his recall), but at this point I would not take him there without Salma. Why? Because there are a lot of messed up dogs out there. Just to name one; male Landseer who charged me and Fenix first and then Chili and Salma on a separate walk. And I can block him when I’m with adult dogs but it is not something I want to do when I have a puppy with me. Salma has a great radar for unstable dogs, she will never allow one to approach me and a puppy. She is kind of like Athena, goddess of wisdom and war, very important combination. She does not look for conflict herself, and de-escalates beautifully but at the same time can stop bigger and stronger dog with just a look. That’s why she is my puppy bodyguard.

So puppy is developing nicely, he sleeps through the night now which means I could start sleeping in my own bed again! I love my dogs but they are too big to share a bed/couch with. Unfortunately I caught a cold somewhere and now I’m trying to force my body to ignore it. At the same time I’m overdosing on cold medication (that’s why this post is bit dry, my brain is drowning in paracetamol). I really cannot afford to be sick with four dogs so first battle plan is to do more. In this way I’m hoping to force my body to defend itself from the cold (sounds counterproductive but it’s bit like a placebo). In this line of thought I went for a run with Fenix yesterday, I really hate running but I was told by the vet that Fenix needs to build muscle so I’m getting over my pain for him. Though I’m not sure how much actually my running with him helps since I’m so slow Fenix is barely walking faster than usual. I’m also pretty sure he is laughing at me every time I ‘run’. If physical exercise and medicine doesn’t help I’m moving on to hot whiskey with lemon and honey (and there is actually a legitimate reason why this can help to cure common cold, google it).



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