14 days…

It’s difficult to believe but Beau will leave in 14 days already. I knew we will try to get him to U.S. as fast as possible so he can start bonding with his new family but it feels like I just got him. And actually it has been 6 weeks.

14 days is till plenty of time to do a lot of training so we will put a nice plan into action.

When it comes to environmental training I want to focus on more crowded public areas. He is comfortable at schools and busy trains but I would like to do some training in areas where there are many rushing people. It can be a train station, or a market place, probably both actually since atmosphere/emotions of the people will be different a the two.

Generally I am happy with his progress. He is confident and friendly towards people, but in a healthy way. He does not get overly excited and does not approach everyone on the street.

When it comes to other dogs I make sure he does not meet dogs while he is on the leash. He have met dogs off leash, and had good interactions. At my home he has continuous contact with three dogs and he met dogs of my friends (who are stable dogs). I think that learning to have healthy interactions with other dogs is very important but it does not have to happen while they are on the leash. Well it actually shouldn’t happen. Not even to focus on the obvious which is the fact that dogs cannot communicate properly while restrained by the leash but what is more important for me I don’t want the dog to have expectation of meeting other dogs while on leash. It can create few problems and arousal or fearful aggression are the ones I see the most. And when it comes to Beau, when he will be walked on leash with his new family he will have a job to do. And he should not be distracted by other people and dogs. So I start working on this from the very beginning, so it becomes very natural for the puppy.

On Monday Beau had an encounter with big group of children. They were very intense (loud, excited) so I decided to stay on the other side of the fence. In this way they could pet him and interact with him if he approached but they could not lean over him or surround him. He could also leave at any moment. The whole interaction lasted about two minutes. Long enough. I like to keep intense interactions short to make sure the dog doesn’t go above the threshold.

Yesterday we spent most of the day visiting Amsterdam. I wanted Beau to meet my friend’s dog who is a very stable intact male. He is confident and at the same time he avoids conflicts so a great role model for a young boy 🙂 We went for a walk in Westerpark, where Beau also met some unknown dogs (but dogs I know and seen around puppies), and we visited two coffee places, pet store and walked along busy street. That is a lot but he didn’t get over his threshold plus he could take breaks in his buggy whenever he wanted.






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