8 days left

Since we have only 8 days left together I am filling our schedule to the fullest (while still making sure it is not too much for Beau’s little brain).

In the last days I want to focus on three things:

  1. Tracking
  2. Crate training. In theory he is already crate trained but he will need to spend few hours in a crate on the plane which is different than chilling in a crate at home.
  3. Difficult environmental conditions. So he is perfectly comfortable in mildly busy city centre, train station, on a busy train. Also there is no problem with cars, bikes, loud sounds, different types of people and so on. I am happy with his progress, very happy actually. BUT I want to make him bullet proof. Or at least as much as possible in this short time. See, I do give a lot of support to my dogs initially but my goal is that they can handle all sorts of different situations without me. I want them to be capable of adapting to many different environments on their own but I don’t expect them to learn it without help.

Today on the menu we had tracking in early afternoon, and he did amazing! I’m very pleased with how he is using his nose.Crate training throughout the day and soon we are going for a city trip.


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