Both of my dogs are adopted from a shelter and they both came to me with behaviour issues.
Chili and Salma

I started working with dogs in 2009 after I received my diploma in Companion Animal Behaviour and Training from the Center of Applied Pet Ethology (COAPE). I gained my first working experience at an animal shelter in Poland.

During my work at the shelter I focused on behaviour modification programs for dogs with severe behavioural problems (mostly fear and aggression), I trained dogs in basic obedience to increase their chances for adoption and taught workshops in dog behaviour and learning theory to volunteers.

In 2012 I received my masters in Psychology from VU University in Amsterdam. I love psychology but I wanted to learn more about ethology and really deep aspects of learning which motivated my to start a post graduate master in Applied Animal Behaviour and Welfare at the Newcastle University (2014-2016).

In February 2015 I started my cooperation with Scent Imprint for Dogs (S.I.F.D.) where I absolutely fell in love with detection and working dogs. My main focus at S.I.F.D. is the proper development of the puppies and making them ready to work in real life situations.


In my work with dogs I combine scientific knowledge with practical experience, and I do believe it is impossible to be a good dog professional without both. I do focus a lot on proper communication between the dog and the owners and creating a strong healthy bond. Every dog, and every owner (family) is different and my goal is to find the best way for those individuals to enjoy their life together.


Seminars and additional courses:

  • Workshop: COAPE Poland “Practical aspects of behavioural consultation”
  • Seminar: Ray Coppinger: “Natural history and evolution of canines. Dog behaviour, intelligence and emotions”
  • Seminar: Turid Ruugas: “Development of puppies and young dogs”
  • Seminar: Alexa Capra: “Social agression in dogs”
  • Workshop: Ian Dunbar: Off-Leash Reliability & Games
  • Seminar: Alexa Capra: “Puppy!- the manual”
  • Conference: Impact: Police and Canine Training 2015
  • Seminar: Alexa Capra: “Dogs: self-control and emotions”
  • Seminar: Simon Gadbois: Ethology, Neurology and Psychology of dogs, Scent and Scent work.
  • Workshop: S.I.F.D. :Tactical Trailing
  • Seminar: Mantrailing seminar with John Salem and Rob Burdess
  • Seminar: Veterinary Behavioural Medicine with Karen Overall
  • Conference: Impact: Police and Canine Training 2016