I could just kill someone- trigger stacking :P

Let me tell you a story about little angry me. To people who know me and have seen me in situations like this before it will be a shock to learn I did not harm/scare anyone… yet. In last three days I had three┬ásituations that involved idiot owners and aggressive dogs. In one of them me, Beau, Fenix and Salma were attacked by two white … Continue reading I could just kill someone- trigger stacking ­čśŤ

4 December

I just realised i didn’t post anything for two weeks… It has been a busy time, fully filled with dogs and training and I wish I was more organised with writing things down. By last Wednesday my head was spinning after three days filled with training and interesting conversations about.. well training ;), tonight I just got home after giving a puppy seminar for two … Continue reading 4 December