Bye Beau

I’ve been trying to write a nice Goodbye post since yesterday. It’s not working. He hasn’t arrive yet and I’m anxious waiting for news from John.  I am also wondering how Beau managed during this long journey. I know he is a stable little boy but he is still a little puppy. So for now I leave it at this short post, and hopefully I … Continue reading Bye Beau


This week we had a great opportunity to visit children at a primary school. Since Beau will live with a little boy I want him to have positive experiences with children. If I do any environmental training with dogs in public spaces I am extremely strict in not allowing children to pet the dogs. Why? Because I think that children can easily behave in unpredictable … Continue reading Kids!

The anxious dog

Article I read this morning inspired me to write a bit different post today. It will be about my personal experience living with an anxious dog (You can find the article here:   If you make a silly decision to ever read any comments under a post about dog attack on fb you will quickly come across people expressing opinion that it’s never dog’s … Continue reading The anxious dog