Dog & Baby

When new baby arrives the whole house dynamics changes, owners often have less time for the dog, they don’t want him to sleep in their bed anymore, the house is full of new smells and sounds. All of this can be very stressful for a dog and when dogs feel stressed for longer periods of time they might react in very different ways than they normally would. .

Imagine that all your energy is focused on the baby, you are sleep deprived and you really don’t feel like teaching your dog how to behave around baby’s bed or to feel ok even when the baby cries. The dog is overwhelmed by the new situation he tries to understand what is going on. Different dogs will use different coping strategies. Some can start to act out to get your attention, others might become depressed.

Fortunately, we can prepare our dogs for the arrival of new family members this mostly involves making baby related changes long before the baby is born. By training our dog long in advance we can make the transition less stressful.

Dog & Baby includes

  • basic commands,
  • teaching you simple games that will provide mental stimulation for your dog when you are busy,
  • getting your dog used to baby sounds
  • basics of dog’s communication so you can understand when your dog needs space or doesn’t feel comfortable which is very important with small children at home.

Dog&Baby program is not meant to solve behavioural problems of the dog, if you are worried about your dog’s behaviour (aggression/fearfulness/resource guarding) you should consider behaviour therapy.