Let’s talk!

Dogs communication is a topic that I am very passionate about. I can spend hours watching dogs , I regularly watch videos of dog interactions in slow motion to train my perception and I continuously update my knowledge of a dog ethogram (a set of behaviours of an animal).


I think a knowledge of dog communication is crucial for pretty much everything we do with dogs. They are great at expressing their feelings in very subtle ways, unfortunately most of the time we don’t listen. Sometimes just understanding when our dog is becoming stressed or overwhelmed is enough to prevent aggressive or fearful behaviour. Also more our dogs realise that we are trying to understand them the more they tent to “talk”. It really is beautiful to see dogs and their people learning to communicate.


Learning any language takes time, in the beginning we need to learn new words and grammar and it’s not much different when it comes to dogs. This is what this program is for; learning how to read your dog which in turn will make your bond stronger.




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