Puppy Support

I spend a lot of time with puppies, most of the Scent Imprint Dogs are still puppies, I often take some of those  puppies home to help with their socialisation. I really enjoy spending time with them, helping them understand how our world works. Puppies are cute BUT at the same time they are a lot of work, they pee everywhere, try to bite everything, they jump, they steal things. You need to watch them pretty much all the time.


This is all normal, they are just figuring things out, their brains are developing and it is a normal process. We cannot expect of puppies to be like adult dogs. Our job is to help them during this exciting and sometimes scary process.

Puppies and young dogs go through few developmental stages and they include fear periods and puberty, those are the moments it is good to be ready for, because they might be very difficult for some dogs.


Puppy Support is meant to help owners of new puppies (hopefully even before the puppy arrives) to get ready but also to give them support throughout puppyhood.

Puppy Support includes:

  • Information on how dogs learn
  • Developmental stages of a puppy
  • Teaching basic useful commands
  • Dog communication, body language
  • Making vet visits fun
  • Information and support for the socialisation
  • Helping you and your puppy in creating a strong lasting bond



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